Odorless depilatory powder (Nilofar)

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Advantages of using hair removal powder

Contains starch with exfoliating and skin whitening properties

(The regular use of this product removes the darkness of the body and brightens the skin color.)

Reduce body hair growth

Loosening thick hair roots

Eliminates the unpleasant smell of body sweat

Creating softness and smoothness in the skin after premature hair loss

Free of skin harmful substances

Can be used for different parts of the body

Easy and fast use

Can be used in apartment environments

It has a standard mark and a healthy apple

How to use hair removal powder

Dry your skin before use.

You don’t necessarily need hot water to prepare the paste, because Mober Kabar powder has its depilatory properties even with cold water.

Add water gradually to the powder so that the resulting paste is not so thick that it is hard to put on the skin, nor is it so thin that it loses its properties and stickiness.

Place the prepared paste in the desired areas of the body in a layer that is relatively proportional to the growth and thickness of your hair.

After 5 to 7 minutes, apply it on your skin with a special spatula, if you are sure of hair removal, wash it with lukewarm water, otherwise, wait longer to get the desired result.

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