Trimming unwanted body hair has been common among the general public since ancient times. Using Gillette to shave the body is one of the old and common methods among the general public. Long-term use of this device can cause some skin problems. The purpose of writing this article is to provide explanations about the harms of using Gillette and especially the complications of using Gillette in the genital area. Stay with us until the end of this article to understand the advantages and disadvantages of using Gillette.
Some of the complications of using Gillette in the genital area are as follows:

Cuts: In case of mistakes and not being careful, a person can cause dangerous cuts to his skin. Of course, every time you use Gillette with utmost care, small scratches will be created in the ends of the skin, which can be dangerous over time…
Skin scratch: Distraction or pulling the razor hard on the skin can be a reason for the razor to scratch the skin.
Skin irritation: Daily use of Gillette without resting the skin, using an old and slow Gillette razor, using a dirty Gillette, etc. can cause skin sensitivity.
Pseudofolliculitis (hair return): Pseudofolliculitis or ingrown hair is another problem that occurs to people due to the use of Gillette.
Creating inflammatory pimples: A razor that is kept in the humid environment of the bathroom becomes a good place for bacteria to grow and in this case it can cause skin pimples. Of course, it should be noted that sensitive skin can suffer from this problem when using new razors.
Last word: Maybe your idea of depilatory powders is that they cause irritation and boils and have an unpleasant smell and are very time-consuming, but effective depilatory powders do not have any disadvantages and without odor, burning and boils, they remove darkness. They also become skin.

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